Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get involved?

If you are a current UT Law student: come check us out around  campus. We will be tabling at the student organization fair in the fall! We are looking for people that run the range of talent, so no theatre background or expertise is necessary. If you love to act, play an instrument, run a light board, or make a costume, we would love to have you join our cast! If participating isn't your jam, we'd love to have you come watch our shows! Supreme Chorus' Christmas Show is in early December each year, and the Main Show is in Late February.

If you are a non-student: we would love your support at our show! We always love to see the smiling faces of our cast members' family and friends in our audience. Tickets for 2020's Main Show, "Scalia Mia!: May He Rise Again" are on sale now!

How can I contribute to the show?

It takes a lot to make a student-run show happen, and money is no exception. Each contribution goes directly to securing lighting and sound technical equipment, set pieces, playbills, and other needs that come up throughout the run of a show.

If you would like to be a part of the magic, please visit our donate tab at the top of the page, or contact us at

When is the 2020 Main Show?

  • Thursday, February 27th at 7pm
  • Friday, February 28th at 5pm
  • Saturday, February 29th at 7pm   (Alumni Night)

For the FIRST TIME EVER, the Friday Show will be held in conjunction with SBA's Law Prom. If you are a law student (or the date of a law student), you can buy a joint ticket to BOTH A&F's Main Show and Law Prom. Busses will be provided for transportation from the Show to Law Prom.

Where will the show be held?

All shows will be held in the Utopia Theatre at the University of Texas School of Social Work, located at 1925 San Jacinto Blvd.