Meet the Board

Mikayla McIntyre


Mikayla is a 2L interested in employment law. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, karaoke,  trying new gluten-free snacks, playing with her dog- Maya, and re-watching John Mulaney stand-up on Netflix. She is a big fan of dad jokes, fruit snacks, and friendship.

Colleen Tennent

Producer & Business Director

Colleen is a 3L who has been with A&F ever since her premiere role as "1L number 3" in 2017. She is also the Assistant TO the Director of Supreme Chorus, where she vents her law school angst through snarky song lyrics and indescribable charm (her words). She likes short walks to a couch, romantic movies on Netflix, and making to-do lists that she'll never complete.

Elena Thompson


Elena is a 2L interested in civil rights law and tort litigation. She is a lover of nerdy podcasts, dogs, Harry Potter books, and re-watching Great British Bake Off on Netflix. She is always the first to step up the plate and add the truest bop of all time to any party playlist: Axel F by Crazy Frog.

Paloma Dominguez

Assistant Producer & Choreographer

Paloma is a 2L. She loves baking, bad jokes, and is a big supporter of the bees. She's never met a vegetable she doesn't like. As a result of too much free time, she is also an ordained minister!

Jae Won Kim

Supreme Chorus Director

Jae Won Kim is a 3L whose life is dominated by solving the murder of his half sister, Cora. He is also allergic to pine cones. Don't worry, that won't keep him from belting out your favorite pop hits!

Liz Pospisil

Technical Director

Liz is a 3L with a phobia of ducks. She joined Assault & Flattery to cope with this fear. Now, she's even considering playing a duck on stage!

Rebecca Lopez

Stage Manager

Rebecca is a 3L who loves movies and photography. She has a tattoo of Audrey Hepburn!

Patrick Aana


Patrick Aana is a 3L who enjoys spreading fake news on Facebook, charity work and baking. He diet consists of funyns and clif bars. I'm sure he watches Netflix sometimes.

Elizabeth Jones

Publicity Director & Webmaster & Assistant Costume Mistress

Elizabeth is a 2L who knows next to nothing about web-design. She spends way too much time talking about her dog and dessert (concurrently). When she isn't directing publicity, Elizabeth enjoys drinking coffee and traveling, preferably at the same time.

Laura-Kate Diller

Assistant Director & Costume Mistress & Choreographer

Laura-Kate is a 3L originally from Houston. She is interested in space law. In whatever little free time she has outside law school, she likes to do aerial silks and sew.

Henry Knight

Music Director

Henry is a 2L who practices escapology. When he isn't attempting to break out of a plexiglass box, he entertains his followers with mundane magic tricks.

Brian Difilippo

Band Director

Brian is a 2L interested in transactional law. When he isn't beating his brains out in front of a casebook in the library, he enjoys practicing guitar, reading articles on The Onion, and fighting crime. Also, he is currently accepting applications for a sidekick (but you must be willing to work nights and risk your life for the betterment of humanity).

Game Of Loans cast

  • Henry Knight
  • Laura-Kate Diller
  • Liz Pospisil
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Rebecca Lopez
  • Ethan Kerstein
  • Elena Thompson
  • Patrick Sipe
  • Paloma Domniguez
  • Patrick Aana
  • Robert Kollenberg
  • Ari Gardner
  • Nathan Simmons
  • Welles Mathison
  • Mikayla McIntyre
  • Henry Knight
  • Matthew Streety
  • Danny Shebaclo
  • Colleen T Maldonado
  • James Follett
  • Erin Ball
  • Amber Magee
  • Andrew Schick
  • Jae Won Kim
  • Katelyn Hammes
  • Mark Conlon
  • Jacob Bishop
  • Stephen Stack
  • Katie Jeffress
  • Carly Stuart-Micocci
  • Abigail Orgeron
  • Alex Gras
  • Austin Hubbert
  • Jason Gallant
  • James Murphy
  • Jatoriyae Dupree-Jones
  • Victoria Fazzino
  • Christian Trevino


  • Henry Knight
  • Jae Won Kim
  • Colleen Tennant
  • Megan Legband
  • Mikayla McIntyre
  • Matt Higgins
  • Anna Harris
  • Matt Higgins
  • David Gonzalez
  • Patrick Sipe
  • Jason Gallant


  • Brian DiFilippo
  • Isaac Batt
  • Mark Broom
  • Marissa Balonon-Rosen
  • Katie Jeffress
  • Joeseph Capobianco
  • Tony Sabzkooh
  • Enzo Salamone
  • Olivia Lu
  • Daniel Robinson


  • Kathryn Garza
  • Benjamin Galvan
  • Blake Young
  • Kevin Trahan
  • Allison Simkin
  • Brandt Vernon
  • Jen Zellner